A Simple Strategy to Pass the Immigration Reform Bill

The Position for both sides of immigration reform bill debate is obvious. First, the Democrats will agree to pretty much anything that will give the roughly 11 million illegal aliens a pathway for citizenship. Obviously Democrats will not pass anything that will just provide illegal aliens a type green card status because they eventually want future voters.

The Republicans are split into 3 camps. The first camp is the Moderate Republicans that will vote on pretty much anything that the Democrats propose. Senator McCain is good example of the moderate camp. The second camp is the Conservative Republicans that do not believe that people who entered illegally into the country should receive any status. The third camp is the Conservative Republicans that believe there must a Secure Border before any legalization bill is considered. The Strategy of pro-immigrant advocates should be to go after the 3rd camp of Republicans.

How can pro-immigration groups convert the 3rd camp of Republicans? Simple: they should start advocating, pushing, and demanding that the White House re-start building the Fence on the Southern Border. Hundred of miles of Fence have already been voted to be built during the Bush Administration in 2006 The White House could show some good faith and continue building the fence throughout immigration debate. So each month, the Administration can claim the Fence on the Border is growing.

The Third Camp of Republicans would start see real progress and can no longer state that Democrats Bills for Border Security are just “false promises.” If the White House directed the building of the fence 6 months ago, they could have shown 6 months of progress. Instead, the White House and pro-immigrant groups are just attacking the Third Camp of Republicans which does not increase the chance of the immigration reform bill passing the House of Representatives.

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