H-1b strategy for the New Immigration Reform Bill

Many believe that the H-1b visas will be raised to a minimum of 115,000 visa for April 1, 2014 once the new immigration reform bill is passed. However, it is still 50/50 that the House of Representatives will pass any immigration reform bill. Moreover, even if the House and Senate passed immigration reform immediately, the H-1b increase would most likely become law at least 6 months or longer after the passing of immigration reform. If the Immigration Reform Bill is passed by the House of Representatives, the Bill will need to be in conference with the Senate and then signed off by the President. This could takes months of negotiating.
The House may not take of up immigration bill until November or December of this year, and there are rumblings in the House that the Immigration Bill will not be put on the Calendar until 2014. H-1b applicants must resign themselves to the fact that there is an extremely high chance that H-1b situation will be the same as last year (65,000 H-1b’s for undergrads with an extra 20,000 for masters degree applicants). The 2013 H-1bs were filled up immediately and some H-1b applications where rejected due the H-1b cap. H-1b applicants for 2014 must have everything ready be filed on the first day of April as we expect a higher percentage of H-1b petitions to be rejected based on the increased volume submitted in 2013.
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