Immigration Reform Bill in House: The Battle between the Conservatives verse moderate Republicans




The Battle lines are drawn in the House of Representatives, the moderate republicans are for comprehensive immigration reform and conservatives are requiring concrete security measures to be enacted before allowing illegal aliens some type of immigration status. It appears that the moderate republicans are winning the argument in August. There appears to already be 40-50 republicans in the House willing to join the Democrats to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Top republican leaders in the House: Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, Speaker Boehner, and House Majority Whip Cantor appear to be on board for pushing through immigration reform. The end issue may very well be Hastert Rule. Will House Speaker Boehner bring the Comprehensive Immigration Bill to floor with out a majority of Republicans supporting the Immigration Bill? If Speaker Boehner ignores the Hastert Rule, Comprehensive Immigration Reform will likely become law. However, Speaker Boehner will likely loose the Speakership if he ignores the Hastert Rule. The only way to avoid this showdown is for a Security Bill to be strong enough to satisfy a majority of Republicans. If that occurs, the Hastert Rule would probably be satisfied, and Immigration Reform will become a reality.


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