Immigration Reform in the House: to conference or not to conference, that is the question

Immigration reform is still a 50/50; the split between House Republican is getting sharper. The House Republicans a very suspicious of the Senate and House Democrats. The Democrats want any immigration bill to pass just so it can go to conference. Once in conference, the Bill can be changed to the satisfaction of the Democrats and then brought to the House Floor (if Boehner breaks the Hastert rule). At that point, a majority of Democrats in the House and minority of Republicans in House could pass the conference comprehensive immigration bill. That is why the conservative wing of the Republican Party wants Speaker Boehner to make a promise not to bring any Bill to Conference.

The editors of the National Review, the most inflectional periodical for the Republicans wrote and article titled, “No Conference. The editors state, “Well, then, there is a simple way to allay our fears and those of other opponents of the Gang of Eight — for Speaker Boehner to make a blood-oath commitment to oppose any conference committee.” Also, the Editors of National Review cite to a recent poll by the Washington Post of the American Public where it found that found that 19 percent strongly support the Senate Immigration Reform Bill, while 30 percent strongly opposed oppose it, and 32 percent want the House to vote on the Senate bill, and most importantly, 53 percent preferred the House decision to vote on piecemeal legislation. The Plot thickens, and there must be some compromise between the House Republicans moderates and the House conservatives or it is likely there will be no immigration reform in 2013.

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