Is Immigration Reform Dead?

What can be done to revive the immigration reform law? Option 1: the Democrats will need to win the majority in the House and maintain the majority in the Senate in the 2014 elections. Option 2: the Democrats can stop bargaining about Border Security. There is section of American Public that is outraged how any person or party uses Border Security as bargaining chip. This section of the American Public believes every American should want Border Security. As long as the Republicans control the House, this part of the American Public will need to be partially satisfied with some Border Security effort.

Pro Immigrants groups will say that Republicans will never be satisfied about Border Security, and always ask for more. In addition, Pro Immigrants groups believe that the claim by Republicans for more Border Security is just an excuse to not vote for Immigration Reform. These arguments are partially true. However, the Republican Party is split on Immigration. So the Pro Immigration Reform Groups need only to satisfy some the Republicans Congressman who are leaning towards immigration reform but cannot justify with their constituencies because of the Border Security Issue.

This can be done by passing a Bill for some additional Border Security Measures. So when Immigration Reform Bill comes back to the forefront in the future, there will be some Republicans that are satisfied that a good faith effort has been made to increase Security at the Southern Border. Otherwise, we are going to have the same argument one, two, or three years from now. Democrats will say we need to help the eleven million illegal aliens, and Republicans will say we need Border Security First.

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