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If a version of the Immigration Senate Bills passes, it will speed up the backlog of EB-3 Employment Based Visas. Some of clients are filing the EB-3 green card application hoping they may receive a green card within four years if the new immigration law passes. The present EB-3 backlog varies based on the nationality of the EB-3 applicant. The Department of State Visa Bulletin lists the exact numbers each month The new immigration reform bill wants to change employment based green cards into a point system for permanent residency applications, so US CIS will want to speed up and clear out all permanent residency applications under the old system. This allows all EB-3 applicants from all countries and EB-2 applicants from China, India, and the Philippines to speed up their permanent residency applications if the new immigration reform bill is passed.

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Border Security and the roughly 11 million illegal aliens are the sticking point, but the majorities in both Houses agree on an Immigration Bill that will increase the H-1b visas. The Senate Bill increases H-1b’s from 65,000 to 110,000 and the Bill allows an even larger increase to 180,000 if the labor markets demand it. The Senate Bill also helps students who get master degrees in science technology, engineering and math to stay in the country longer. Unfortunately, 110,000 new H-1b visas are not enough, since last year over 120,000 H-1b applications were filed on April of 2012.

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