When will the House pass Vote on the Immigration Reform Bill?

This is appears to be an easy questions, but it is constant concern for many immigration advocates. The House Republican Strategy is to “slow walk” the numerous immigration bills and vote on each immigration bill after a full debate in the House of the Representatives. The Republican base is still angry about how the Health Care Bill was passed. The Republicans do not want to anger their base by being accused of rushing the immigration bill without proper debate. If the Republicans pass any immigration reform, it will be an intentionally slow process so the Republicans can claim they thoroughly vetted the Immigration Bill. A White House Official stated that they believe the Immigration Reform Vote will happen in October. Remember, the White House has no control when the House of Representatives votes on the immigration reform bill, so it is much more likely that the Vote will occur in November or December. In addition, the Debt ceiling and budget battle will be address before the immigration reform is brought in front of the full House of Representatives. In addition, the House will need to vote on military action in Syria. The House Republicans have made it clear that they will not be rushed in the Process.

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