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Below please see an example of how to prove the source of funding.

If an individual cannot prove how they obtained their $500,000, they can ask a wealthy friend to give them the $500,000. If the wealthy friend gifts the $500,000 for the EB-5 applicant, the wealthy friend will have to show how his $500,000 gift was legally obtained.

So hypothetically, the wealthy friend has a salary of $200,000 a year and deposited the money into his personal account. Once $500,000 from his salary is deposited into his personal bank account that should be enough proof of the legal source of funding. However if during that time money was taken out of that personal account and different money from different sources was deposited into the applicant’s personal account the legal source of funding has not been approved.

So even if $500,000 of legally earned money is deposited into the wealthy friend’s bank account that may not be enough to prove legal source of funding, if at any time money was taken out of that account and money was re-deposited from each separate source.

As you can see, to prove the EB-5 source of funding to the US government imposes is a higher burden of proof.

But as with every case we would look at the individual’s total financial situation and find the clearest path to prove the legal source of funding for the EB – 5 program.

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