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We have been getting numerous injuries from our Turkish EB-5 clients regarding the new restrictions on non-immigrant visas at US embassies in Turkey. Our clients are asking question such question as: “Will the new non-immigrant visa restrictions jeopardize my EB-5 application?” The simple answer is no. The EB-5 green card application is an immigrant visa and the new restrictions at the US Embassies in Turkey are only regarding non-immigrant visas. Non-immigrant visas are F-1, O-1, B-1, B-2, L1A, H1B, P-1, J-1, E-1, and E-2, which are not being issued at this time. However, EB-5 green cards are being normally processed at the US embassies in Ankara and Istanbul. Another question we have received regarding EB-5 is, “Will there be any problem with the regional center returning EB-5 applicant’s funds back to their personal account in Turkey?” First, there are no present restrictions regarding EB-5 funds being transferred back from the USA to a Turkish bank account.

In addition, after the EB-5 investor has received their green card, they can direct the regional center to transfer their investment funds to any account they may have throughout the world. The EB-5 green card holder can also keep the money in the United States and is under no obligation to move the investment funds back to Turkey. Our Turkish clients are concerned about the deteriorating relationship with the US government and the Turkish government; however, we have reminded our clients that EB-5 applications are still processed for countries such as Iran. Therefore, regardless of how bad the US-Turkish relations become, the EB-5 investment program for Turkish nationals will always be an avenue in which to obtain a green card relatively quickly for Turkish citizens.

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