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Andrew P. Johnson

Andrew P. Johnson received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware, studied International Law at Uppsala University, Sweden, and received a Juris Doctorate from Delaware (Widener) Law School.  Mr. Johnson was a government prosecutor until he entered private practice in 1999, and has represented numerous large technology, engineering, janitorial companies along with factories, warehouses and restaurant chains for EB-2 and EB-3 permanent residency applications for their employees.


He has authored numerous articles on immigration and international litigation, some of which have been published by the American Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Mr Johnson has been quoted on immigration issues by over 50 periodicals including the New York Times, USA today, Fox News, CBS, and the Washington Times.

Mr. Johnson has been invited to speak and answer questions from U.S. Ambassadors and United Nations Ambassadors regarding immigration law. He has represented large corporations, non-profits, and small companies in all aspects of immigration law.

Andrew P. Johnson has spoken to business organizations in conferences around the world on the various strategies for immigrating and sending employees to the United States, and he organized the conference series entitled, “Investing and Living in the United States,” which has been presented in countries in Asia and Europe.  


Andrew P. Johnson has won some high profile Immigration cases working with former President Ramos of the Philippines and Congressman Cunningham of California along with working with the Committee to Protect Journalist (the gold standard of Human Rights Associations) which resulted in the successful outcome of an asylum grant for one of their persecuted journalists. 

Mr. Johnson has successfully appealed deportation orders in the Circuit Courts which eventually resulted in approved petitions and permanent residency for immigrants. In addition, he was able to help stop the immediate deportation of an Albanian Michigan woman. The case was national news and forced Immigration Customs Enforcement to defer deportation. 


For the last 23 years, Mr. Johnson has practiced Federal Immigration Law exclusively and is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He is admitted into the United States Supreme Court, New Jersey District Court, and the State Bar of New Jersey.





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